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6. The Idol of Knowledge SERIES 6. The Idol of Knowledge

Knowledge is a good thing when it takes us to God, but is it…

5. The Idol of Materialism SERIES 5. The Idol of Materialism

Do you own your things or do your things own you? God wants us…

4. The Idol of Work SERIES 4. The Idol of Work

Does your sense of self-worth and identity come from how productive…

3. The Idol of Politics SERIES 3. The Idol of Politics

If we do not recognize how quickly and easily patriotism can…


Walking Away from Idolatry

Would it surprise you to learn that you could be struggling with idolatry and not even realize it?


Most of us love with an ordinary kind of love, we show a pretty ordinary kind of generosity, and even our devotion to God is pretty ordinar

Questions and Answers

Once a month, members submit questions to be answered from a biblical perspective.

Islam and Me

David Peterson speaks about Islam from the perspective of the "man on the street."

Questions about God and Faith

Our Bible classes are currently studying stories from Genesis, the book of beginnings. This gives us the perfect opportunity to do a sermon

Sermons by Luke Bower

Sermons preached by our youth and family minister, Luke Bower.

Looking for an older sermon? Visit our sermon archive page.