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5) Happy Sheep are Merciful SERIES 5) Happy Sheep are Merciful

Why are Jesus' sheep known for their mercy? Why are the merciful…

4) Happy Sheep are Hungry for the Right Things SERIES 4) Happy Sheep are Hungry for the Right Things

What does it mean to hunger and thirst for righteousness? Why…

3) Happy Sheep are Meek SERIES 3) Happy Sheep are Meek

When we talk about meekness, we're quick to say, "Meek doesn't…

2) Happy Sheep Mourn SERIES 2) Happy Sheep Mourn

The words, "Blessed are those who mourn," seem rather stranger…


Happy Sheep

“Happy Sheep” - The world asks, “How could you be happy being a sheep?!” The world feels sorry for sheep. They think having to be told what

EastReach - Zambia Mission

Brother Wellington Mwanza, missionary in Zambia, spoke to us about the work at the Chipata Bible College and the EastReach work.

Walking Away from Idolatry

Would it surprise you to learn that you could be struggling with idolatry and not even realize it?

Questions and Answers

Once a month, members submit questions to be answered from a biblical perspective.


Most of us love with an ordinary kind of love, we show a pretty ordinary kind of generosity, and even our devotion to God is pretty ordinar

Islam and Me

David Peterson speaks about Islam from the perspective of the "man on the street."

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