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Forgiven SERIES Forgiven

In the final lesson of our Cross Words series, Wes discusses…

Reconciled SERIES Reconciled

People often feel like they are pretty good people. They wonder,…

Saved SERIES Saved

On what basis is man saved? Are there a certain number of good…

Adopted SERIES Adopted

When we think of being "adopted," we usually think of the adoption…


Cross Words

Sometimes the words and concepts that surround the cross can be a little intimidating. Words like sanctification, justification, redemption,

Questions and Answers

Once a month, members submit questions to be answered from a biblical perspective.


Does your prayer life need a boost? If the energy and enthusiasm in your prayers seems to be waning, this series is for you.

Fear Not!

In this series, we will examine several passages in which God's people are told, "Fear Not!"

Focal Point - Unity

Listen to Wes' sermon on Unity from the recent Focal Point workshop at the University church of Christ in San Marcos.

LTC Presentation

Listen to the young men, who participated in LTC, lead our minds and hearts in worship.

Looking for an older sermon? Visit our sermon archive page.