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1) The Simple Truth About Scripture SERIES 1) The Simple Truth About Scripture

Because we don't know how to define Scripture, we often treat…

5) The First Missionary Journey SERIES 5) The First Missionary Journey

People had thrown stones at him until they were convinced he…

4) Apostleship (Continued) SERIES 4) Apostleship (Continued)

The writings of Paul help us formulate a complete picture of…

3) Apostleship SERIES 3) Apostleship

Listen to part three of our series on Saul. In this lesson, we…



The truth doesn't have to be complicated to transform our lives.

Saul of Tarsus

A Man Transformed by Truth

4 Lies Our Culture Wants Us to Believe

It's easy to be conformed to the world. All you have to do is watch movies, listen to music, and watch television without discernment, witho

Push or Pull

In the cultural struggle over moral issues, do you push or pull?


To whom must we be submissive? Who must we obey? In this series, you'll discover that following Jesus means making submission a way of life.

Feasting and Fasting: A Time for Both

There is a time in the Christian's life to feast and also a time to fast, but we too often do the first and neglect the second. But even in

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