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3) The Lamb of God SERIES 3) The Lamb of God

John the baptizer pointed to Jesus and said, "Behold! The Lamb…

2) The Blood of the Lamb SERIES 2) The Blood of the Lamb

The Passover lamb of the Old Testament was just a "type." Christ…

1) The Lord Provides the Lamb SERIES 1) The Lord Provides the Lamb

In Genesis 22, Abraham is told to sacrifice his son as a burnt…

4-12-15 PM "LTC Young Men" SERIES 4-12-15 PM "LTC Young Men"

Listen to the faithful young men who went to the LTC convention…


Behold the Lamb

We will spend the month of April focused on the sacrificial death of Jesus and how His death, burial, and resurrection changes everything fo

Various Guest Speakers

Listen to several special guest speakers who have spoken at Baker Heights.


Important People, Events, and Ideas from the First-Century to Today

Questions and Answers

Once a month, members submit questions to be answered from a biblical perspective.

Fearless Sheep

As sheep, we are told to be meek, gentle, and kind, but we are also given the examples of those who were bold, fearless, and outspoken. When

The Flock

You can't have Jesus as your shepherd unless you have the flock as your family. A series of lessons on why church membership is not optional

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