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Nahum SERIES Nahum

Liberalism and legalism. When it comes to doctrine and practice,…

Micah SERIES Micah

The short book of Micah reveals so much about God's character,…

Jonah SERIES Jonah

The world is destroying itself in front of us and we think Christianity…

Obadiah SERIES Obadiah

In many ways, the story of Jacob and Esau is the primary story…


Minor Prophets, Major Truths

How much do you know about the minor prophets? Did you know the major truths of the minor prophets could transform your life?

True Stories of Transformation

Our 2016 Summer Series with various guest speakers. Each lesson walks us through the transformation that occurred in a biblical character's

Saul of Tarsus

A Man Transformed by Truth

Fundamentals of Faith

We often think of "fundamentals" as something we learn and then move on, but the fundamentals actually need constant reinforcing.


Unfortunately, most of us have a tendency to use certain phrases that act like roadblocks to our spiritual progress. If we want to be transf

The Lion Speaks

To really understand the church, we have to stop treating the Lion of Judah like a kitty cat.

Various Guest Speakers

Listen to several special guest speakers who have spoken at Baker Heights.

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