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Noah Preached by Faith SERIES Noah Preached by Faith

Noah wasn't just a boat builder; he was a preacher, too. Listen…

You Reap What You Sow SERIES You Reap What You Sow

In a follow up lesson to the budget presentation, Wes spoke about…

Budget Presentation SERIES Budget Presentation

Listen to one of our elders, Ron McElyea, present the 2014-2015…

Church Leadership in Challenging Times SERIES Church Leadership in Challenging Times

Dr. John Cannon from Texarkana came to do a men's leadership…



With the recent release of the Hollywood movie, Noah, many people are talking about the biblical story. Listen and find out how the true sto

April 6, 2014

Listen to three lessons from Sunday, April 6.

Consulting Your Spiritual Growth Chart

How do you measure spiritual maturity and growth? In this one-part sermon, Wes helps us to answer the question, what is the primary measure

Reverence and Awe

A sermon about how we need to worship God and how we can keep from getting in the rut of going through the motions in worship.

Resolved - Luke Bower

Luke Bower preaches on Sunday, March 16 (PM) about being resolved.


Baptism is the moment at which God's "amazing grace" meets man's "trust and obey."

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